Vapor Tips & Advantages

Vaporizer Tips

Before First Use:

  • Please make sure you charge the device uninterrupted and  double the required amount for the first time to ensure a longer battery life.
  • To prepare vaporizers for first use, turn on Vape and heat to the maximum, while its still empty. Do this 2 to 3 times. This burn burn off any residue during the manufacture process.
  • Always read user manual for setup and precautions before use of your new vaporiser.


  • Regular cleaning of your device will ensure longer life of your product and greater satisfaction of each use. EG. mouthpieces can become blocked… More Info here:

Take care of your vaporiser!

  • Never pull on your mouth pieces, always unscrew them where there is a thread present, as there is no warranty for mouth pieces, only working parts like heating chambers .. etc, EG. the Davinci & most Pen vaporisers have a mouth pieces that screw in and will break if you pull on it.
  • Do not over pack your vaporiser. There needs to be space around the substance you are vaping.


  • Spectral Dragon Vaporiser products are for aromatherapy purposes and are not intended to harm others with or misuse.

Vaporize in moderation.


About inhaling Vape liquid

Advantages of Vaporizing