Product Features

  • 510 Threaded
  • 1 Gram Atomizer Capacity
  • Grade 1 Titanium Heating Coils
  • XL Quartz Triple Coils Atomizers
  • Adjustable Variable Airflow System
  • 30W Variable Voltage Sub-Ohm Battery
  • 1 year Warranty

Triple Coils Triple Coils Made From Grade 1 Titanium

The atomizers with this pen are BIG, the biggest on the market. This means it can hold quite a bit of concentrate!

It comes with two of them in the XL travel case, and they both have quartz rods inside at the bottom of the chamber. One has dual coils like the orb 3 and the other has three coils – the first time I’ve seen this in a vape pen.

What’s special and different about these coils, aside from the lovely quartz, is that they’re made with Grade 1 Titanium (Gr1 Ti), another first. Their SOURCE orb 3 Titanium alloy atomizers were already top tier, and the new ones provide even better heating and a slightly purer flavor.

These guys like to innovate, they were the first with the dual coils (Source orb 3)  and now they took it a step further with the triple. This one’s not for the lightweight or faint of heart, the 3 rods is serious business. This is the pen for you if you’re lookin for very potent rips and huge clouds, and you don’t mind using a little more wax than usual.